We heard back this morning that nasopharyngeal testing done on Tuesday August 1st for our initial positive case and our 3 silent carriers have come back NEGATIVE all around!

We have had no other cases in the nearly 8 weeks since we began quarantine.

We are phasing out of ACTIVE Biosecurity Protocols and back into our STANDARD Daily Protocols as outlined here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H5sIJPuAptqMk9lsCIieSusIujJD3oRg2KIk7wmy01c/edit 

Our August 7th Schooling Show will go ahead as planned.

We are feeling tired, but very thankful to our team at home and to our vet team at Mckee Pownall Campbellville for all of their hard work and guidance. 💙💚

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