What should I wear to my first lesson?

Long pants, a shoe or boot with a small heel, and upper body clothes to suit the temperature. We have a number of helmets for those who wish to give riding a try, but advise that riders purchase their own once they start lessons to ensure a proper and safe fit.

When can I go to horse shows?

Our in house summer schooling show series starts at walk/trot on a lead line, so showing can start almost as soon as rider shows interest and has trainer/ parental approval to do so.

How old do you have to be to take lessons?

It’s not a bad idea to occasionally put 2 or 3 year olds on a pony for a few minutes.  4 year olds can ride longer.  At 5 or 6 they can start in lessons.

Do I need any memberships to ride?

Once you start competing in horse shows you will need to join the Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF) which provides liability insurance to riders. Its not a bad idea to have this membership even when not showing. Further memberships such as Equine Canada (EC), Trillium Hunter Jumper Association (THJA), and Ontario Hunter Jumper Association (OHJA) will depend on the level at which you are competing.

Do you train horses?

Yes.  We take in a number of young and sales horse for training.

Do you have horse camps?

Yes we run summer camp from July to August and a March Break advanced camp. For more information visit our Riding Camp Page

Can I trailer my horse in for lessons


What shows do your riders go to?

The more experienced riders travel to shows on the Trillium and A Circuit (we are doing more Trillium than A shows these days). Many others shows at our in house Summer Schooling Show Series, Touch n’ Go Lollipop Shows, Iron Horse Equestrian and Meadowlarke Winter and Schooling shows.

Can I board my horse at Old Orchard Farm?

Boarding is available for horses in training or for people who are actively taking lessons at Old Orchard Farm.

How long are lessons?

Lessons are 1 hour for Group Lessons, 45 minutes for Private Lessons and half an hour for beginners under 6.

Can I ride if I don’t have a horse?

Yes, Old Orchard Farm has 75 horses under our care, separate from boarders. There is bound to be a horse or pony that will suit you.

Do I need my own saddle?

No, OOF School horses have their own saddles. You may be able to use your own if they fit the horse you are riding. Of course you will need your own saddle for your own horse.

Can we ride in the winter?

Yes, we have a large indoor arena with smaller adjoining beginner/lunging and cool out/warm up ring so lessons continue through the winter.

Where can I find out more about what should I expect at my first Lesson?

You can download our ” What to Expect” resource page under PDFs & Downloads at the bottom of this page or by clicking HERE

Where can I download the 2017 OOF Show Program?

You can download our horse show program and show registration from under PDFs & Downloads at the bottom of this page or by clicking HERE

How often can/should I ride?

Most people start out riding once a week then move up to 2 lessons per week as they progress. From here, the sky is the limit depending on horse availability and rider commitment. 

Do I need to buy special riding clothes/boots?

You may borrow one of our helmets but most people prefer wearing their own.  Paddock boots (ankle high) with chaps (leather pants) or breeches and tall boots are suggested.

Can we get manure for our garden?

Absolutely – we constantly produce it.

Can I take private lessons?

Most people prefer group lessons because it’s fun to ride with the friends you make at the barn but private lessons are available depending on arena/ trainer availability.

What type/style of riding do you teach?

Hunter/Jumper and Equitation

Do you have clinics?

We run at least two clinics with outside trainers per year. The I’m Riding for Erika Lamb Memorial Equitation Clinic in November and a second variable clinic in the spring, this year taught by Trainer/Competition Steward team Cheryl and Allan Erlick March 4th.

Do you offer trail rides?

We do not offer open riding or open trail riding but we do have trails available for our students and boarders to use.

Do you have classes to learn about horses without riding them?

A new Bi-Weekly Horsemanship course is coming soon. Michael Yingbull will be leading an informative class covering everything from horse and equipment care basics to horse health and nutrition. Contact us for current course availability.

Are you associated with any riding or horse organizations
When are lessons available?

Lesson time availability varies greatly from session to session. Keep in mind that it is impossible to accommodate everyone for a private lesson on weekday evenings at 6pm. We work very hard make a schedule that fits everyones needs but some flexibility is greatly appreciated.

Do you have lessons for adults?

Yes! Many of our riders are adults. We have a number of groups for older or returning riders too.

How big are the lessons?

Class sizes vary.  We try to keep the classes at 4 to 6 riders.

Is there any where to sit and watch my child ride in the winter?

Yes, we have bleachers in both our lower and upper viewing area with heated lamps.

Where can I find out more about what to expect at my first horse show?

You can download our “Showtime: Prepping for a Show” resource page under PDFs & Downloads at the bottom of this page or by clicking HERE

Do you offer ship in schooling opportunities?

Yes, depending on availabilty of rings. Please visit our Ship in Schooling Page for more information.

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