Results 2018

by | Oct 15, 2018


Highlighted names are the top six placings in the division based on the eligibility described below.

To be eligible for year end prizes, you must have attended 3 of the 5 shows, showing the same horse/pony in hunter divisions, or riding in the equitation divisions.  Divisions in which points are awarded to the horse/pony rider combination are:  Low Children’s Hunter, Low Adult Hunter, Open Hunter, all Pony and all Development Jumper classes.  All other divisions award points to the rider, regardless of the mount.  We give out year end prizes to 6 th place, as well as special high point prizes, so we want to ensure that we have all the correct information.

Human error can occur.  If you think that your points are not correctly posted, please report errors to This also includes horses that have been called by two different names. Please let us know so that we can consolidate the points under one name.

Thank you!