Part Board

Part Board Options 

Monthly Part Board Pricing as of January 2020. Subject to change.

Want to broaden your equine experience? Want time to practice what you learn during your lessons?

Part boarding is a great option when you want more ride time but not the additional time and cost of horse ownership. The part boarding experience is perfect for those who are looking to increase their equine experience without the commitment of owning a horse.

Development Part Board

Rider is lessoning on a greener horse who they are interested in taking (2) practise rides a week on in between lessons to help further develop with that horse. Pricing is on a case by case basis.


HST Included

Standard Part Board

(Previously called Lesson Part Board)

Lesson riders looking to add (2) practise rides a week between lessons on the experienced school horse they most often lesson on.


HST Included

 Schooling Show Part Board

Lesson part board plus priority for that horse at all OOF schooling shows and any other schooling shows attended by OOF.

You must commit to this option for the entire year.

– For the 2020 Show Season this option covers those showing at Angelstone.

– In house shows will be covered by Standard Part Board


HST Included

Advanced Show Part Board

Lesson part board plus priority for that horse at all Trillium and Silver Series shows attended by OOF.

Some of our more advanced/experienced horses are only available for Advanced Show Part Board.

You must commit to this option for the entire year.


HST Included

Semi-Retirement Part Board

Rider is looking to do light flat work and hacking 2-3 times per week on an older horse.

This is the only option that does not require part boarder to be activley taking lessons at OOF. Pricing is on a case by case basis.



  • Please speak with Linda or your instructor if you are interested in learning more about part boarding and if there are any suitable horses available.
  • Riders must be actively lessoning at OOF on the horse that they part board. Exceptions for semi-retirement part board. 
  • Not all horses are available for all types of part board. Some are only suitable for one type. Speak with Linda to find out which. 
  • While part board is billed monthly, show part board commitments are for the whole year (often renewing/ending in the fall at the end of show season).
  • Part board ride schedules must be worked out with Linda. You will have specific days on which your rides may take place to reduce conflicts with lessons etc. 
  • Depending on the type of part board, a horse may have more than one part boarder at a time. In this case a ride schedule will need to be worked out in partnership with Linda and the other part boarder.
  • Please read our Responsibilities & Entitlements page below to learn more about part boarding.


We would like to remind everyone that while we have automated much of our registration and payment process for ease of use, we are still a small family farm business and do not have office staff.  The people who are taking your registrations, scheduling the sessions and teaching the lessons are typically the same people who are mucking out stalls, feeding the horses and maintaining the property everyday or in some cases are volunteers with other full time employment. We will do our best to answer any questions you have and address any concerns, but please have patience.  – OOF