The New 8 Week Session Starts January 2nd 2022

We will be prioritizing lessons for our existing boarders, part boarders and lesson clients and then filling in with new clients depending on space, matching availability for arena time, instructors and horses.
We ask that you try to be as flexible as possible as we do our best to draft a schedule that will accommodate as many riders as possible while still allowing our boarders space to ride and us to maintain a personal connection with each of our students. Evenings and weekends will fill up very fast, weekday/daytime availability will increase your chances of getting a spot.
PRIVATE and SEMI-PRIVATE lessons are ONLY available on weekdays between 8AM and 2:00PM (no evenings or weekends) and we cannot guarantee that we will have availability then either.
If you sign up for private or semi-private lessons this fall you will mostly likely be placed in a group lesson. We unfortunately do not have enough time, space, instructors or horse power to accommodate many (if any) private or semi-private lessons this winter.
The good news is, group lessons are more fun and you have the added benefit of watching and learning from others in your lesson!

Payment Options

Lesson payment is due at the first lesson of each session, unless you sign up to pay as you go, in which case payment is due at the start of each lesson.
The option to pay by credit card is available through the online registration form only.
Cheques can be made out to Old Orchard Farm, or e-transfers to as well cash are accepted.
Any Cheque returned NSF by your bank will be subject to a $50.00 administration charge
Use of own horse $5.00 credit per lesson.
All riders or parent/guardians must complete a registration package online and sign a release form (separate from this document) before commencing to ride at Old Orchard Farm.

Cancellation/Make-Up Lesson Policy

We require 24/hrs notice if you are not able to make your lesson
  • Please let us know as far ahead of time as possible if you will be missing a lesson as this may change the way we schedule the horses for lessons that day.
  • Group Lesson packages are sold at a discount and are non refundable.
  • If a lesson is cancelled by the instructor a make up class will be arranged.
  • NEW There is a one (1) make-up lesson cap for lessons that you have missed (i.e. missed due to personal reasons and not cancelled or rescheduled by your instructor). If you miss a lesson, you may only make it up by joining another regularly scheduled lesson within the package period (it is your responsibility to schedule this with your instructor, do not leave it until the last week of the session).
  • We will not provide a separate or private lesson to make up for a lesson that you have missed. Please do your best to show up for your scheduled times.
  • There are no refunds for lessons that you have missed and cannot make up within the session as stated above.
  • Make up lessons are not guaranteed and are offered as a courtesy only.
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