Fall 2020 Lesson Notes & Covid Procedures

  • New comers please report to the far door of the upper arena barn to meet your instructor/helper and get ready for your lesson (stay left at the fork of the driveway) – You will need to sign a waiver prior to your first lesson
  • Please limit the number of people that you bring to the barn each time to 1 essential parent/driver
  • Masks must be worn indoors at all times unless mounted and in the arena. (Riders requiring a non-family member as ground leader will be required to wear a mask for their ride)
  • Please use the provided hand sanitizer located at the main entrances to the barns before entering.
  • Use your own equipment whenever possible (many tack shops are offering discounts on beginner packages right now)
  • Touch as little as possible and refrain from entering parts of the barn not necessary to your lesson.
  • When using the grooming stalls please use alternating stalls to leave a space in between. There will also be tie areas in the small arena and tie rings on the fence posts of the west sand ring to enable safe distancing while tacking up. Beginner riders or riders with very green horses should be given priority use of the grooming stalls. 
  • Please use the provided disinfectant spray on anything you touch (cross ties, saddle racks, gates, stall doors etc).
  • If you have your own brushes etc please use them! If not, please spray them with sanitizer when you are done grooming.
  • At the end of your lesson, masks back on (you may want to use a bit of light string or ribbon so that it can stay around your neck while riding). 
  • All leather tack (saddle/bridle) must be cleaned with provided saddle soap and a slightly damp sponge after each use. Your instructor will direct you in proper use of these supplies (too much water will damage the leather)
  • Be courteous and let others have lots of room when using shared indoor spaces.
  • We recommend parents bring their own folding chairs if they are staying to watch.
  • We sincerely ask that you maintain the recommended social distancing protocols and follow the rules outlined in the EC/OE return to business frameworks (links for these are in your lesson email) to keep everyone safe and sane.
  • If you need any extra assistance catching your horse or pony, tacking up etc please ask!


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