Dear Riding Lesson Students,

Wow! What a roller coaster ride!
Happy day, we are open to boarders by appointment and observing strict biosecurity protocols starting tomorrow.
We were surprised by the immediate opening of outdoor recreation facilities, as they pertain to teaching and lessons. We did not expect that to happen so soon with current emergency measures still in place until June 3. We had anticipated a phased return to opening beginning with admittance of boarded horse owners.
That still seems like the sensible way to go, adjusting as needed, so, please have patience.
Lessons for boarders, on their own horses, can resume next week.
The next step will be phasing in lessons for part board horse/rider combinations where there will be no sharing of equipment.
We are looking into sterilizing equipment and solutions so that tack can be shared, but we do not have that anywhere near resolved.
We recommend that students start looking into acquiring some of their own equipment such as grooming kits and helmets, if you do not already have them, to reduce the amount of sharing required. Many of the local tack shops are currently advertising specials on such items.
The aspect of social distancing during grooming, tacking up, and during the lessons will need to be addressed. This is especially true with young and beginner riders. Access to indoor grooming areas and tack rooms is currently not allowed/advised. This makes running lessons tricky! Concierge service is a possibility, but not easy to do with restricted numbers on the property. IE. no staff to do it.
The horses and ponies haven’t been ridden in a while, they will be spunky and unfit. Lessons, when we get going, will concentrate on correct “legging up” and fitness development to keep riders and the horses sound and healthy.
We are trying to get you back riding ASAP!
We may end up doing more private and semi private lessons, but there are only so many hours in a day! The good news is that you probably have way more flexibility within your schedules.
As far as camp goes, we are still 7 weeks away from the first week. A lot has happened in the past 7 weeks so it’s hard to predict what the next 7 weeks will look like. The province has not yet given the go ahead for camps and the current 5 person limit will be problematic if it remains. It is all up in the air at the moment. We will publish additional updates as they become available.
Hang in and stay tuned,
PS – Here are the Links to the Equestrian Canada and Ontario Equestrian guidelines for returning to business. Please take a few minutes to read them over. The more prepared and educated everyone is the smoother things will go once we are ready to start back.
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