Our final April Schoolie Sponsor round up! Thank you so much to everyone for your support. It means so much to us and our horses 

Allie has been generously sponsored by the Gogacz family! Gabby has been riding Allie for a few years now and they are a well matched pair of daredevils! Allie’s forward going ways and enthusiasm to the fences are some of Gabby’s favourite things about her. Before the shut down Gabby was riding Allie in two lessons a week with goals of the Short Stirrup division in the future. We look forward to seeing them back together again soon. Thank you Gogacz family!

Alex has been Generously Sponsored by the Muir family! Sonja was a long time employee at OOF, working both in the barn and as an instructor. Sonja and Alex had a successful show career in the beginner adults on the A circuit (before she ran off with the blacksmith😉). Sonja will soon be living on a farm with Rocky Mountain horses! We love seeing her and her family at the farm when they come to visit and can’t wait to get her kids on some ponies soon too. Thank you Sonja and James!

Felix has been generously sponsored by the DePaul-Roud Family! Sage started riding Felix last fall after graduating from her previous mount Simon. Felix and Sage are a great pair, Felix has helped to give Sage the confidence to move on to the next level. Sage is a great help around the farm, helping to catch and tack up ponies for lessons and keep the schooling barn in tip top shape. Thank you Depaul-Roud Family!

Simon has been generously sponsored by Lisa Mutter. Lisa has many fond memories of her time at the farm for Pony Club events when she was growing up. Simon reminds her of her own cheeky bay pony from those days. Thank you Lisa!

Joanne & Lauren Ryan have made an unspecified schoolie sponsorship. Joanne and Lauren own Suki an off the track thoroughbred mare and Tia, a thoroughbred/warmblood cross. Tia is now a therapy horse with TEAD in Hamilton. The Ryans have been long time supporters of the farm. Joanne volunteers at our jumper ring ingate at our schooling shows and Lauren is an instructor with us, helping to bring along the next generation of riders. Thank you Ryans!

Nancy Hoffman and Paul Dudnick have also made an unspecified schoolie sponsorship. Nancy and Paul own Victor a 15 year old thoroughbred gelding who has shown both Trillium and A’s with OOF. Nancy and Paul are long time supporters of the farm, both as volunteers and as sponsorship partners of our schooling show series, most notably as sponsors of our famous year end hunter classic! Thank you Nancy & Paul!

Peewee has been generously sponsored by Gabrielle David! Gabrielle started taking lessons on Peewee with Robin a couple of years ago and attended the farm during the week with her lovely dog Cadeaux! Peewee was a great partner to start Gabrielle’s riding career, with his smooth gaits and gentle nature. Peewee must have struck a chord with her as she has been sponsoring his wardrobe for over a year! Peewee looks dashing in the field in his lovely blankets from Gabrielle. We have missed seeing Gabrielle at the farm for some time and want to wish her good health. Thank you Gabrielle!

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