Connected Riding Clinic with Susanna Widrig

CHANGE OF DATE: Riding Clinic with Susanna Widrig will be run from Friday, June 14th till Sunday, June 16th.

What I felt and learned in her clinics carries on in all aspects of my life, improving  posture and releasing tensions and aches”

Drawing on her extensive experience of Connected Riding® and Tellington TTouch® , Susanna shows how you can ride with greater ease and elegance – free, unfettered and fun!  She has an uncanny talent for seeing details of movement in horse and rider that many others miss, and through her deep understanding of biomechanics can help your horse also discover ease and elegance!

Open to maximum of 9 riders; Auditors welcome!

Please pack your own lunch.  Contact us at if you require board for your horse or if you need accomodations.  Limited availability for board.  Horses will be available to ride onsite.

Session cost: 

Riders – $400 for 3 day clinic

Auditors – $40 per day


Schedule Overview

Day 1 – Intro
Balancing people in the saddle on a stationary saddle rack , creating a before and after feeling for a neutral pelvis position and body position that allows for more stability, strength and efficiency.
Demo, looking at basic conformation, how a horse is moving, in-hand exercises to help horses discover more functional movements.
In-hand exercise in small groups.

Day 2
In hand exercises that build on previous day’s exercises.
Riding; finding neutral pelvis position and how it affects the horses movements.

Day 3
Demo; how do the next steps look and learning to develop one’s eye for more functional movement.
In-hand exercises and riding in small groups. Focus on how can we ask for the newly learned movements from the in hand work to transfer it to under saddle work.


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About the Clinician

Susanna Widrig

Guest Clinician