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About Jumps at Old Orchard Farm

Here at Old Orchard Farm we have been making jumps for our hunter-jumper schooling shows for about 20 years. When we first began, we ran our shows in what is now our West Sand Ring. Today, our schooling shows run in up to 5 rings simultaneously. It requires a vast quantity of standards, gates, fillers and rails to run shows of this size, so we have always been highly motivated to make our own.

We have learned a great deal about making show jumps. Most importantly, we know how to make them sturdy and paint them well so that they survive in good shape for many years. Our own jumps can take a beating because we run about 12 horse shows annually and leave many outside from May till November for use in our riding school. Despite this, they just keep looking great year after year.

Old Orchard Farm now offers a complete line of show jumps and horse show-related products: hunter and jumper standards, gates, walls, flower and brush boxes, planks and rails. We also offer judge and gate stands, portable fencing, mounting blocks, announcement boards, jump cups and related accessories and almost anything else you might need built in order to run a horse show or furnish a schooling ring.

Whether you are looking for basic schooling jumps or something really fancy, we can meet your requirements. Just give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

A Note About Paints

Oil-based acrylic paints are very nice if you only use your jumps occasionally and don’t leave them out in the weather a lot. The hard, brilliant colours are hard to beat, particularly for jumper jumps. But if you hate scraping peeled paint, oil-based acrylics are not optimal as they tend to lift anywhere that water is able to sit for a while, particularly if you didn’t prime the jump properly.

For environmental reasons, oil-based paints will be all but phased out in Ontario by September of 2011. We won’t miss them, as we have found that water-based latex paints and stains just keep getting better and better. In particular, we have found that solid-colour stains are a great way to go for jumps, particularly in the hunter ring. In our experience, stains don’t need a primer, don’t peel and there is very little surface build-up. After a few years, you can give your jumps a new coat of stain to freshen them up and you’re good for several more years. Stains are now available in any colour that you can think of. And if you still pine for the brilliant look of the old oil-based paints, then glossy latex acrylic paints are a very good substitute. You can specify either latex paints or stains for your jump order and we will be happy to oblige.

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