General Rules

The speed limit for vehicles on property is 15km/hr.

Please do not speed on the driveway as the dogs often run out to greet the cars.

All riders must sign a waiver before mounting a horse or pony.

No smoking.

No riding in grass rings or on lawns.

ASTM approved helmets must be worn by all riders at all times while mounted.

All riders must wear proper footwear.

Check with staff before feeding your horse extra. It is difficult to plan the feed orders when people help themselves.

Individuals requesting a feed change will put a note on the feed room door or on the white board in the feed room.

Do not leave anything but horses in the fields (ie. NO buckets, halters, lead ropes…).

Sweep up before and after you ride. Manure and sweepings go to the manure pile.

Do not drive or park on the grass. Drive SLOWLY.

Look around before you leave to make sure everything is put away.

Lost and found (large bin in tack room) is emptied twice monthly. All unclaimed articles become the property of OOF.

Board is due at the beginning of the month. A $10.00 late fee will apply after the 7 th day of each month. Arrears beyond 7 days will be subject to the Horseman’s Lien Act. No horse is allowed to leave the property if the board (and other money owed to OOF) is not paid in full.



Arena Rules

OOF lessons have priority and right of way in the arena and sand rings. Ask before taking down or moving jumps.

No more than 10 riders total are allowed in the arena during a lesson.

Pass left to left – faster horse has outside track when going the same direction.

When you leave arena, ensure that everything you brought in is taken out.

Boarders – when riding during a lesson, ride at the level of the lesson (ie. No jumping during a walk/trot beginner lesson).

Jump cups and pins must be put on the kick boards when not in use.

Jump cup must be removed from jumps when no rails are on them.

Riders must always pick manure before they leave the ring.