General Rules


This list covers many of the most common issues we run into on a regular basis and is not meant to take the place of common sense or good judgment.

Just because something is not on this list does not mean it is okay to do if common sense or good judgement would suggest otherwise.

 When in doubt, please ask Linda.


Grounds and Facilities:

The speed limit for vehicles on property is 15km/hr.

Please do not speed on the driveway as the dogs often run out to greet the cars and there are constantly kids and horses on the driveway.

Do not drive or park on the grass. Really – people don’t seem to believe us on this one but we ACTUALLY DON’T WANT YOU TO PARK ON THE GRASS! PLEASE!

Do not write on anything that is OOF property, this includes but is not limited to stalls, walls, picnic tables, windows, wooden sides of the black/white boards, tack, saddle pads. Even if you think you are being helpful, please DON’T DO IT.

No riding in grass rings or on lawns without permission from Linda.

Do not leave anything but horses in the fields (ie. NO buckets, halters, lead ropes…).

Sweep up before and after you ride. Manure and sweepings go to the manure pile or designated muck bucket or wheelbarrow.

The tack in the schooling tack room belongs to Linda and is NOT for general use. It is ONLY to be used on the horse it is assigned to or as directed by Linda or an OOF Coach. Please do not help yourself.

Look around before you leave to make sure everything is put away.

Lost and found (large bin in tack room) is emptied twice monthly. All unclaimed articles become the property of OOF.

Before you ride:

All riders must sign a waiver before mounting a horse or pony.

No smoking in or around the barns, paddocks, shavings pile etc

ASTM approved helmets must be worn by all riders at all times while mounted.

All riders must wear proper footwear with a ½”+ heel.

OOF Owned Horses:

All interaction with OOF owned horses must be approved by Linda.

Feed and Blanket changes etc must be cleared with Linda.

DO NOT EVER CUT AN OOF HORSES TAIL OR FORELOCK. EVER! Tess Reserves the right to shave your head if you do not listen to this rule.

For Boarders:

Check with staff before feeding your horse extra. It is difficult (and expensive) to plan the feed orders when people help themselves.

Individuals requesting a feed change for their horse will put a note on the white board in the feed room.

Board is due at the beginning of the month. A $10.00 late fee will apply after the 7th day of each month. Arrears beyond 7 days will be subject to the Horseman’s Lien Act. No horse is allowed to leave the property if the board (and other money owed to OOF) is not paid in full.

In the Arena:

OOF lessons have priority and right of way in the arena and sand rings. Ask before taking down or moving jumps. Linda will often have lessons plans for the next day based on what is set up. It is extremely aggravating when these are dismantled.

No more than 10 riders total are allowed in the arena during a lesson.

Pass left to left – faster horse has outside track when going the same direction.

When you leave arena, ensure that everything you brought in is taken out.

Boarders – when riding during a lesson, ride at the level of the lesson (ie. No jumping during a walk/trot beginner lesson).

Jump cups and pins must be put on the kick boards when not in use.

Jump cup must be removed from jumps when no rails are on them.

Riders must always pick manure before they leave the ring.